DaG 430

(C3-ung in MetBull 83)
standby for dar al gani 430 photo
Found 1998
27° 16.76′ N., 16° 24.70′ W. A stone weighing 572 g was found in three separate pieces in the Libyan Sahara. It has a low shock stage of S1 and weathering grade of W1. It has been proposed that DaG 430 might be paired with DaG 429 (253 g), DaG 055, and DaG 056. The possibility of pairing with DaG 055, which is considered to be a CV3red–an (Clayton and Mayeda, 1999), opens up the possibility of a similar classification for DaG 430. In contrast with typical CV3 chondrites, which are strongly oxidized and essentially free of metallic FeNi, tiny metal flakes are present in DaG 430.

Arguments for and against a proposed unification of the CK and CV groups into a single group derived from a common parent body can be found on the Dhofar 015 page. The specimen of DaG 430 shown above is a 0.45 g partial slice. A close-up of a large slice of DaG 430 exhibiting metal within chondrules that are imbedded in a light gray groundmass can be seen in the top photo below, while the bottom photo reveals an interesting dark inclusion in this meteorite.

standby for dar al gani 430 photo standby for dar al gani 430 photo
Photos by Walt Radomsky. Courtesy of R. A. Langheinrich Meteorites

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