Lifetime Authenticity

Working with a trusted and legitimate dealer is only the first step in securing the integrity of your collection and protecting your own reputation should you decide to sell a specimen from your collection.

We guarantee the authenticity of all my items, forever. The definition of “Authenticity” should mean more than the normal industry definition of the specimen is what it is stated to be. Therefore, we will go one step further by also describing specimens as accurately as possible – no overselling, no hype and let the material speak for itself.

SkyFall Meteorites offers a lifetime authenticity guarantee for all of our specimens. This guarantee is achieved through the use of a lifetime return policy should any purchased item prove to be non-authentic. Each specimen will come with a SkyFall Meteorites Certificate of Authenticity in the form of a specimen card. In order to carry forward that lifetime guarantee of authenticity, the original specimen card must always follow the specimen itself as it is the only reliable record. In the event the original specimen card is lost, we will gladly replace it free of charge as long as records can be provided establishing the specimen came from SkyFall Meteorites. Please be aware that some unscrupulous sellers have been known to fake certificates of authenticity from trusted dealers. Should there ever be a question as to the provenance of a specimen purported to be from SkyFall Meteorites (or from the MMOmentum Meteorite Collection), please do not hesitate to contact us before you purchase an item.

Understanding the importance of provenance and authenticity is critical to establishing a collection that you can enjoy and be proud of for years to come. Please read the article Importance of Provenance & Authenticity. Being honest and professional is only the first step in creating a trusted relationship with our clients and an enjoyable shopping experience. If you would like to learn more about our mission and values, please visit our Mission & Values page.