Optimized Shipping

SkyFall Meteorites will make every effort to ship purchased items within 2 complete business days of receipt of full payment, unless otherwise agreed upon and communicated with the Buyer. Buyer should be aware that shipping costs can represent a significant percentage of their total purchase and that shipping carriers have continued to increase their prices at a rapid pace outside of our control.  SkyFall Meteorites does not make profits from shipping and does not charge any additional costs or handling fees unless non-standard shipping arrangements are required by the Buyer.

Responsibilities & Liabilities

Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with shipping. Regarding international shipping, Buyer is responsible for any added fees, duties or taxes imposed on the shipment.

Buyer is responsible for providing accurate shipping information in English, and in some cases may be required to provide an address in the language of the destination country. Any errors in the shipping information including email addresses and phone numbers may delay shipment and even lead to loss of the shipment. In such cases, the Buyer is solely responsible for delays and losses.

SkyFall Meteorites will be held harmless and accept no liability, financial or otherwise, and Buyer agrees to not demand or expect a refund from SkyFall Meteorites either directly or through an intermediary such as, but not limited to, a credit card company, payment processor or financial institution, in the event of:

  • Loss due to incorrect delivery information provided by the Buyer, or for any fees or charges associated with the loss.
  • Buyer fails to collect the package from their country’s customs office, or a PO Box or any physical address identified as the final delivery destination.
  • Shipping carrier (such as FedEx, UPS or USPS), through its own tracking software, confirms that package has been delivered to the address provided, and Buyer claims package was stolen or accepted by a non-authorized person.
  • Package has been delivered to an institution’s or business’ mail center or central package processing center, and package fails to be delivered to the correct office or institutional address by that organization’s own mail delivery service.

Domestic & International Shipments

Domestic Shipments

Domestic shipments valued under $5000 will use Buyer’s preferred method based on their selection during Checkout. Shipments will be insured for full value and use signature confirmation.

Domestic shipments valued over $5000 will use USPS Registered Mail. Registered Mail normally takes up to 14 days to arrive due to more secure handling by the US Postal Service. Shipments will be insured for full value and include signature confirmation.

International Shipments Valued Under $2500

International shipments valued under $2500 will use Buyer’s preferred method based on their selection during Checkout. Shipments will be insured and declared for full value.

USPS limits the maximum insured value for certain countries to $200 or $600. If a Buyer chooses USPS and the item’s value exceeds that maximum insured value, then the Buyer will be contacted to change the shipping method. Any added costs due to changes will be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

International Shipments Valued Above $2500

No item will be shipped internationally whose declared or insured value exceeds $2500. Buyer may contact SkyFall Meteorites to make alternative shipping arrangements outside the stated Shipping Policy. However, Buyer then accepts all responsibility for loss, damage and liability, and agrees to hold harmless SkyFall Meteorites and its owners for any variances outside stated Shipping Policy.

Alternative shipping methods:

Should buyer desire to use their own account for shipping or require variances to the stated Shipping Policy, please email info@skyfallmeteorites.com to discuss changes and alternatives.

Damage or Loss Incurred During Shipping:

When insured and declared for full value, SkyFall Meteorites will be responsible for any damage or loss incurred during shipping. The period covered begins when the item is received by carrier to the time when item shows as delivered by the carrier or international post office. In cases of delay or loss, Buyer will be required to inquire with their local post office or carrier to help locate a package. A refund due to an international shipping loss may not be initiated until package has spent more than 6 weeks in customs or 8 weeks total shipping time.

When package is neither insured nor declared for full value, SkyFall Meteorites will only be responsible for damage or loss incurred during shipping up to the insured amount and Buyer is responsible for all remaining costs and damages.

Delays Incurred During Shipping

SkyFall Meteorites is not responsible for any delays incurred during any aspect of shipping including but not limited to the destination country’s customs inspection period. International buyers should be aware that customs can occasionally require up to 6 weeks to clear a package before forwarding to its final delivery address.

Return Shipping for Damaged Items:

When insured and declared for full value, then Buyer must follow these steps prior to shipping any damaged item back to SkyFall Meteorites:

  1. Document damage to package before opening if possible. If package has already been opened, then pictures of package after opening are mandatory.
  2. Notify SkyFall Meteorites within 48-hours of delivery by sending an email to admin@skyfallmeteorites.com.
    • Attach pictures of damaged item and pictures of damaged packaging.
    • Await a response and approval before returning any damaged item. No returns will be refunded or accepted if Buyer does not receive prior approval from SkyFall Meteorites.
  3. After approval, Buyer will receive instructions and address where to return the item.
    • All pieces must be returned including any crumbs, fragments and display cases associated with the damaged item. In case of any discrepancy, SkyFall Meteorites will only refund Buyer for portion of item(s) that have been returned.
    • To prevent further damage, packaging materials used to ship item back must be of same or better quality as materials used to ship item to Buyer.
    • SkyFall Meteorites will also refund Buyer the postal costs associated with return within 48 hours of verified acceptance by carrier if shipped with tracking or within 48-hours of receipt of items by SkyFall Meteorites.

Unauthorized or Unsolicited Shipments:

SkyFall Meteorites accepts no responsibility for any unauthorized return or unsolicited shipment. Any loss or damage of the item(s) shipped is strictly the Sender’s responsibility, and SkyFall Meteorites and its owners are held harmless for any direct or indirect financial costs regardless of whether package was shown as delivered or not.