Anthony Bourdain's Meteorite Chef Knife Sells for $231,250

Anthony Bourdain’s Meteorite Chef Knife Sells for $231,250

I remember hearing the sad news in June of 2018 that Anthony Bourdain, famous chef, book author, TV personality and ... Read More
Brix With His 198g Meteorite Find

Brix, the Meteorite Hunting Dog, Finds 198 g Mifflin Meteorite

Brix is his name, a meteorite hunting German Shepard owned by meteorite hunter extraordinaire Sonny Clary. Brix is now the ... Read More
13.7 kg Stone Meteorite Found by Count Guido Deiro

Count Deiro Finds 13.7 kg Stump Springs 083 Nevada Meteorite!

On March 3, 2010, veteran meteorite hunter Sonny Clary took Count Guido Roberto Deiro (the son of the famous a ... Read More
WI Strewnfield Radar Map

Mifflin Meteorite Strewnfield Map

This article was written by Eric Wichman. Any modifications made by SkyFall Meteorites were only for clarity and grammar. You ... Read More
The Beautiful Chrysanthemum Meteorite

The Beautiful Chrysanthemum Meteorite

The Chrysanthemum meteorite is easily one of the most beautiful meteorites ever recovered in the USA. Some would say in ... Read More