Brix, the Meteorite Hunting Dog, Finds 198 g Mifflin Meteorite

Brix With His 198g Meteorite Find
Brix, a German shepherd, with his 198 g Mifflin meteorite recovery. Photo Credit: Sonny Clary

Brix is his name, a meteorite hunting German Shepard owned by meteorite hunter extraordinaire Sonny Clary. Brix is now the worlds first “trained meteorite dog” to have found a meteorite! It seems meteorite finding dogs are becoming popular! Little over a year ago the world was introduced to “Hopper” the meteorite finding dog in West, Texas, that found a meteorite from the now famous Ash Creek meteorite fall in 2009.

Now it’s happened again, this time though it’s a little different in that Sonny actually trained Brix to hunt meteorites in the deserts of Nevada where Sonny is famous for finding hundreds, if not thousands, of meteorites.

Sonny is a veteran meteorite hunter and has found thousands of meteorites in the deserts and dry lakes of the Nevada wilderness.

Brix is not new to fame! Recently he has been seen on the Science Channel’s very popular Meteorite Men show, a series about meteorite hunting.

Congratulations go out to Sonny for a job well done, and mostly to Brix though! ;-) He is after all the dog who found the 198g meteorite! See Sonny’s full adventure on the Nevada Meteorites Website.

Postscript: I am sad to report that Brix passed away on Nov. 2, 2019. Here is Sonny Clary’s Facebook post:

It is with a heavy heart today that we helped our Best Buddy Brix cross the rainbow bridge. Brix was born on 4-17-2008 and passed today 11-2-2019. I can’t tell you what an amazing companion he was for all of those years. There was not an adventure that he wasn’t up to. He hiked, rode on the back of the ATV, found his own meteorites, witnessed a Tornado, appeared on meteorite hunting television shows, traveled all around the country. He was a loyal to companion to our whole family and always brought a smile to our face. We sure will miss our Old Buddy. Brix was diagnosed with a brain tumor last January. He was treated with radiation and he was able to hang out with us for another 10 months.

This post is based, in part, on content licensed from E. Wichman from the defunct website that was purchased by SkyFall Meteorites. 

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