David Weir: Meteorite Studies

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Pluto Walk, Lowell Observatory

This photo was taken September 1990 in Flagstaff, Arizona during a chance meeting between Doug [...]

TENERE-1 (Provisional)

CR7 or Meta-CR (CR-like in MetBull 86; CR-an in MetBull DB) Found March 2000, 20 [...]


As with other ureilites, Almahata Sitta falls on the carbonaceous chondriteCarbonaceous chondrites represent the most [...]

NWA 1912

MesosideriteOne of two main types of stony-iron meteorite, the other being pallasites. Mesosiderites are a [...]

Denshal Dog Data: Is the Nakhla Dog Real?

Separating Myth from Fact: Is the Nakhla Dog Real? A Personal Analysis By David Weir [...]