NWA 1912

standby for northwest africa 1912 photoMesosiderite, subgroup 2C (subgroup 2B in Metbull 88)
Found 2002, no coordinates recorded

A very small fusion-crusted stone weighing only 13.52 g was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco by M. Farmer in March 2003. Analysis and classification was completed at Northern Arizona University. Although the MetBull #88 lists NWA 1912 as belonging to subgroup 2B, it exhibits only minor recrystallization and has a matrix composed predominantly of large orthopyroxene grains along with some plagioclase, features that are consistent with assignment to subgroup 2C. Furthermore, it is considered likely that NWA 1912 is a member of the NWA 1827 pairing group, assigned to subgroup 2C (Bunch et al., 2004).

Northwest Africa 1912 is an unshocked meteorite (S1) that shows only minor signs of weathering. The specimen in the photo above is a 0.64 g partial slice, which exhibits green orthopyroxene fragments in a metallic matrix, along with lesser amounts of anorthitic plagioclase, chromite, troilite, and silica.

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