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Our Mission & Values


SkyFall Meteorites has three principal missions:

  1. Increase public awareness and expand our community by making meteorite-related specimens and knowledge accessible to the broadest audience possible.
    1. Including someone wanting to buy their first specimen, to the advanced collector indulging their lifelong passion.
    2. Including young students fascinated with space and science, to the more knowledgeable adults delving deeper into the subject.
  2. Focus on providing the highest level of service and on building long-term trusted relationships with our clients and visitors.
    1. On request, we will gladly advise clients how to build their collections based on their preferences and budget. Our advice is direct, honest and unbiased. For our long-term clients, we often provide advice even on purchases from other sources.
    2. If a specimen is not found on our website, contact us. We either have it in inventory or we can leverage our network of trusted hunters, dealers and collectors to find it for you.
    3. We provide a broad range of services to help our clients though the arc of their collection from their first acquisition to the eventual sale or donation of their collections.
  3. Spread knowledge and encourage interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the most inclusive way possible by fostering a passion for all things meteorite related.
    1. Make meteorite-related knowledge easily accessible to all visitors regardless of age or educational level.
    2. Promote a greater appreciation for scientific study, the scientific method, and a rational and respectful debate of science related topics.
    3. Provide encouragement to students considering a STEM career. The world needs more scientists, and we will do out part to make that happen.


As a small business, there are no differences between our corporate values and our personal values. So, to share my values with you, I’ll shift to writing in the first person.

Here is the short version:

I’m low drama and easy to work with. I keep my business to myself and all your information is secured and kept confidential. I stand behind my items forever and would rather lose money than my reputation. I love learning and teaching, and am willing to share my experience with anyone who asks. I treat all my clients like friends and if you are happy then I’m happy.

Here is the long version:

  1. Integrity, respect, honesty are the cornerstones of my reputation. I will treat you with respect, be responsive, honest and fair, and always act with integrity. That is how I treat my family and my friends, and that is how I will treat you.
  2. I guarantee the authenticity of all my items, forever. For me authenticity extends beyond the normal industry definition, therefore, I will go one step further by stating I will describe specimens as accurately as possible – no overselling, no hype and let the material speak for itself. Please visit our Lifetime Authenticity page.
  3. Your privacy and protecting your information are my top priority. I’ve been the victim of fraud, had to deal with spam emails and calls, and some of you have suffered far worse due to data breaches or unscrupulous vendors. I’ve invested heavily in protecting the website, and your personal and financial information.
    1. Privacy goes beyond just my website. Your privacy extends to all my activities. Unless I have your express permission to do so, your information and our business dealings will always be kept private. All transactions, emails and conversations are strictly confidential. Clients wishing to publicize their purchases may of course do so at their discretion, but we will leave that up to you.
    2. Please review our privacy policy and security strategies, and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any concerns or questions.
  4. I am committed to ensuring my client’s satisfaction, and making collecting enjoyable.
  5. I have always been an enthusiastic student and view it as my (fun) obligation to constantly increase and improve my meteorite-related knowledge. I will strive to share that knowledge with all website visitors and clients alike in order to create better private curators and custodians of these fascinating “rocks from space.”

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