NWA 2624


standby for dhofar 979 photo
Purchased August 2004
no coordinates recorded Two conjoint fragments of a single, partially fusion-crusted stone weighing 241 g was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco by dealer G. Hupé. A portion was sent to Northern Arizona University for analysis and the classification was given as an olivine–pigeonite ureilite (T. Bunch and J. Wittke). Northwest Africa 2624 is an unusual ureilite exhibiting the typical equigranular olivine texture, but with abundant areas of silica glass and large translucent pyroxene megacrysts. The olivines contain fractures in which moderate reduction has occurred (R3). Carbonaceous and metallic components are also present in this ureilite. Northwest Africa 2624 has undergone only slight terrestrial weathering (W0/1) and has been very weakly shocked (S2).

A synopsis of current models for ureilite formation is presented on the Kenna page. The specimen of NWA 2624 shown above is a 4.6 g partial slice with several translucent pyroxene megacrysts (with excellent photography courtesy of Greg Hupé).

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