Achondrite (Evolved)

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Eucrite-like basaltic achondriteAn achondrite is a type of stony meteorite whose precursor was of chondritic [...]

Cumberland Falls

AubriteAubrites are named for the Aubres meteorite that fell in 1836 near Nyons, France. They [...]

ALH 84001

OrthopyroxeniteA rock composed primarily of orthopyroxene. Non-terrestrial orthopyoxenites include diogenites and a single martian meteorite, [...]


Martian ShergottiteIgneous stony meteorite with a Martian origin consisting mainly of plagioclase (or a shocked [...]

NWA Eucrite (Unclassified)

EucriteMost common type of achondrite meteorite and a member of the HED group. Eucrites are [...]