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NWA Eucrite (Unclassified)

Eucrite, monomict (tentative classification)
standby for northwest africa eucrite photo
Found 2006
coordinates not recorded

A single 16 g stone covered with a black fusion crust was found in the Sahara Desert and subsequently purchased by S. Turecki from Moroccan dealer A. Habibi. A type sample was submitted to Northern Arizona University (T. Bunch and J. Wittke) for analysis and classification but the provenance link has since been lost. It is presumed that this meteorite is a eucrite with a texture and mineralogy consistent with that of a monomict breccia.

The photo above shows a 2.1 g complete slice of this Northwest Africa eucrite. The top photo below shows the small fusion-crusted stone after initial sampling. The bottom photo is a different view of a complete slice from this eucrite.

standby for northwest africa eucrite photo

standby for northwest africa eucrite photo
Photos courtesy of Aziz Habibi

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