Dho 182

Monomict, noncumulate
(Main Group–Nuevo Laredo trend)

standby for dhofar 182 photo
Found February 9, 2000
18° 56′ 30′ N., 54° 30′ 5′ E.

Several conjoint fragments of this eucrite were found within a few meters of each other, weighing together 268 g. Dhofar 182 is a very recent fall with a weathering grade of W0, as attested by the shiny black fusion crust covering the fragments.

The photo shown above is a 0.28 g crusted fragment, while that below shows a 90.1 g fragment with fresh black fusion crust and a view of the light-colored interior.

standby for dhofar 182 photo
Photo courtesy of JNMC–Zurich

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