NWA 1955

standby for northwest africa 1955 photo
Found 2002
no coordinates recorded Several fragments totaling ~2 kg were recovered in the Sahara Desert and subsequently purchased by an American dealer in early 2003. Northwest Africa 1955 was classified at Planetary Studies Foundation (P. Siperia) as the first H/L3–4 chondrite. Other members of this intermediate group include Famenin [3.8–3.9], Tieschitz [3.6], Bremervörde [3.9], Haxtun [4], Y-74645 [4], and Yamato 8424. Initial studies indicate that Dhofar 008 might also belong to this group. The specimen of NWA 1955 shown above is an 8.4 g partial slice. The photo below shows the 389 g main mass.

standby for northwest africa 1955 photo
Photo courtesy of Matt Morgan—Mile High Meteorites

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