NWA 1961

Mesosiderite, group 3A
standby for northwest africa 1961 photo
no coordinates recorded Three fragments of a stony-iron meteorite weighing together 288 g were found in Northwest African and sold to a collector in Rissani, Morocco. The meteorite was classified at the University of Münster, Germany (A. Bischoff) as a mesosiderite, while a 3A subtype was assigned to this meteorite by the Natural History Museum of Bern, Switzerland (B. Hoffmann). This mesosiderite has been shocked to stage S2 and is relatively unweathered with a grade of W0/1. Further information about the mesosiderite grouping scheme can be found on the Bondoc page.

The specimen of NWA 1961 shown above is a small 1.2 g end section. The top photo below shows the complete, flattened, egg-shaped, 189.8 g mass from which the specimen above was taken, while the bottom photo below shows a complete slice of NWA 1961 exhibiting an intricate mixture of silicates and FeNi-metal.

standby for northwest africa 1961 photo
standby for northwest africa 1961 photo
Photos courtesy of JNMC–Zurich

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