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NWA 1961

Mesosiderite, group 3A
standby for northwest africa 1961 photo
no coordinates recorded Three fragments of a stony-iron meteorite weighing together 288 g were found in Northwest African and sold to a collector in Rissani, Morocco. The meteorite was classified at the University of Münster, Germany (A. Bischoff) as a mesosiderite, while a 3A subtype was assigned to this meteorite by the Natural History Museum of Bern, Switzerland (B. Hoffmann). This mesosiderite has been shocked to stage S2 and is relatively unweathered with a grade of W0/1. Further information about the mesosiderite grouping scheme can be found on the Bondoc page.

The specimen of NWA 1961 shown above is a small 1.2 g end section. The top photo below shows the complete, flattened, egg-shaped, 189.8 g mass from which the specimen above was taken, while the bottom photo below shows a complete slice of NWA 1961 exhibiting an intricate mixture of silicates and FeNi-metal.

standby for northwest africa 1961 photo
standby for northwest africa 1961 photo
Photos courtesy of JNMC–Zurich

This content is reposted with permission from David Weir under an evergreen, exclusive worldwide license.

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