DaG 222

standby for dar al gani 222 photo
Found 1996
27° 27′ 12′ N., 16° 18′ 46′ E. A single 837 g stone was found on the 4,000 km² Dar al Gani plateau in the Libyan Sahara Desert. Analysis and classification were completed at the Institut für Planetologie, Münster, Germany (D. Weber, K. Pollok, A. Jäckel, L. Niemann, T. Grund, and A. Bischoff). Dar al Gani 222 is a typical member of the low-Fe, low-metal chondrite group, having a high Fa (29.5) and Fs (25.1) content. This reflects the incorporation of much of the available metal into the silicates. This LL ordinary chondrite is a breccia consisting of both petrologic type 5 and 6 components including impact-melt phases and shock veins (S3), and has been weathered to grade W3.

The photo shown above is a 16.4 g end section exhibiting the brecciated texture of this meteorite. The photo below shows this same end section along with two large slices of DaG 222 once offered for sale by Walter and Niki Zeitschel of Hanau, Germany.

standby for dar al gani 222 photo

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