NWA 994 (Provisional)

standby for nwa 994 photo
Purchased January 2001
no coordinates recorded Three adjoining fragments constituting a single 22 g oriented stone were found by nomads in Morocco or Algeria and were subsequently purchased by meteorite dealer M. Farmer in Tagounite, Morocco. Northwest Africa 994 was analyzed at the University of California, Los Angeles and determined to be a unique ungrouped carbonaceous chondrite of petrologic type 3. It has unequilibrated olivines (olivine Fa: 0.4–38.4 [ave. 12.1 ±15.5]), and contains both type-I and type-II chondrules and chondrule fragments embedded within a large matrix component. Due to the small size of this meteorite, further studies might be limited, and the submission of an adequate type sample (4.4 g) for NomCom recognition is doubtful. The photo above shows a 1.65 g uncut fragment of NWA 994. The photos below, from top to bottom, show the 10.42 g main mass, a cut face of the main mass, and a magnified view of the small chondrules in matrix.

standby for nwa 033 photo
standby for nwa 033 photo
standby for nwa 033 photo
Photos courtesy of David Schultz

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