Notable Hammer Stones & Falls

  1. Chiang-Khan in which many stones “rained down” on a fisherman’s boat. (one of only 2 hammer falls known to hit a boat). The fisherman considered
    the black rocks “evil” and threw them ALL into the river!
  2. Barwell which included an individual stone that came through an apartment window, bounced off the floor and landed in a lady’s tea cup! This individual stone is not available.
  3. Mbale which included a small stone that hit a tree first before striking a boy. This individual stone is also not available.
  4. Sylacauga fell through the roof of a home, bounced off of a couch and hit Anne Hodges. This fall was comprised of several stones, but only the one is a hammer stone. It is seldom available for sale and has a price to match due to its well known and famous story.
  5. Claxton, a well known hammer stone that struck a mailbox, , is occasionally is offered for for sale.
  6. Worden, another well known hammer stone that came through a roof and struck a car, is occasionally is offered for for sale.
  7. New Orleans, fell through someone’s house while they were out. Most of this meteorite was lost to flooding.
  8. Chelyabinsk, a massive shower of stones with some hitting people’s homes. These are quite rare and require an excellent provenance proving their status as hammer stones.
  9. Sutter’s Mill, an ultra rare meteorite fall. Some hit a person’s garage door.

More details will be added to these over time or made into their own articles.

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