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Relatively rare variety of iron meteorite (designated type D) made almost entirely of taenite, a solid solution of Fe and 27 to 65% Ni. The Greek name means “without structure” and refers to the lack of a visible Widmanstätten pattern (spindles of kamacite are visible only microscopically).

“Iron meteorites containing >16% Ni nucleate kamacite at such low temperatures that large single crystals could not form over the 4.55 billion years of solar system history; they lack a Widmanstätten pattern and are called Ni-rich ataxites (i.e. without structure). The Ni-poor ataxites are hexahedrites or octahedrites reheated in massive impacts, or artificially after they fell on Earth.”

Need more info as “Classification and Properties of Iron Meteorites” ( says Fine plessite, generally some isolated kamacite platelets

Chinga ataxite Meteorite (lacks Widmanstätten beacuseof its Ni content). Image source:

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