NWA 3106


standby for northwest africa 3106 photo
Found 2003
no coordinates recorded

A single 134 g stone was purchased in Rissani, Morocco in December 2003 by collector N. Oakes. The meteorite was submitted to NAU (J. Wittke and T. Bunch) for analysis and classification, and NWA 3106 was determined to be a monomict brecciated diogenite. Their analysis revealed that NWA 3106 contains an unusually high metal abundance of 11.7 vol%. This diogenite contains clasts that exhibit shock features ranging from S2 to S4, and it has sustained only slight terrestrial weathering.

For more details on the formation of diogenites visit the Johnstown page. An alternative classification system for the diogenites and dunites based on mineralogical and petrographical features has been proposed by Beck and McSween (2010), and modified by Wittke et al. (2011). The photo above shows a 2.02 g partial slice of NWA 3106 in which the anomalous metal abundance is apparent.

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