standby for brewster photo L6

Found 1940
39° 15′ N., 101° 20′ W.

In 1940, a single stone meteorite weighing 17 kg was found in Brewster, Thomas County, Kansas. It was subsequently classified as an L6 ordinary chondrite and became part of the Nininger Collection of Meteorites (Graham et al., 1985). The specimen shown above is an 11.95 g partial slice acquired from Allan Lang via the Martin Horejsi Collection, previously obtained from David New.

standby for brewster photo Cocker Spaniel

Found 1990
29° 12′ 39′ N., 81° 24′ 28′ W.

On February 22, 1990, four puppies were found during a storm in a rain gutter in Barberville, Florida by B. Bauer. They were classified as Cocker Spaniels, the progeny of Taffy and Flash. One large male puppy, appearing more healthy and friendly (and hungry) than the others, was purchased from the owner of the property for $100. This puppy was subsequently given the name Brewster. Brewster obtained a weight of 17.3 kg and reached a terrestrial age of 14.5 years (75–85 dog years; Dr. F. Metzger, D.V.M., State College, PA).

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