Trusted Meteorite Dealers

The meteorite community is small and many of us work together informally and/or support each other by redirecting business when a particular specimen is not available in our own inventory. The list below is by no means complete and includes only people I’ve known for a very long time, done business with myself over the years and/or most likely know personally. Some I am happy to say have even become very good personal friends.

If your favorite dealer is not on this list, then either that is a conscious decision on our part, we have not known them long enough to form an opinion, or is an oversight on our part. If you would like your name to be added to this list, please contact us.

Operating Websites:

  1. Tomasz Jakubowski –
  2. Dustin Dickens –
  3. Matthew Martin –
  4. Mike Bandli –
  5. Martin Goff –
  6. Marcin Cimala –
  7. Rob Wesel –
  8. Fabien Kuntz –
  9. Pierre-Marie Pelé –
  10. Keith & Dana Jenkerson –
  11. Michael Gilmer –
  12. Sergey Vasiliev –
  13. James Tobin & Paul Harris –
  14. Pierre-Marie Pele –
  15. Marc Yost –
  16. Larry Atkins –
  17. Geoff Notkin & Elizabeth Vieira –

No Websites, Outdated Websites or Only on eBay:

  1. Bob Cucchiara
  2. Mike Farmer
  3. Gary Fujihara
  4. Ruben Garcia
  5. Greg Hupe
  6. Moritz Karl
  7. Corey Kuo
  8. Mark Lyon
  9. Craig Zlimen

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