Craters Formed by Meteor Impacts

When a meteor is of sufficient size, its impact will leave a crater and in rare cases, meteorites will be found in and/or around the crater. Here is a list of craters and their associated meteorites:

  1. Agoudal
  2. Barringer crater (Canyon Diablo)
  3. Boxhole
  4. Campo del Cielo
  5. Carancas
  6. Dalgaranga
  7. Haviland
  8. Henbury
  9. Kallijarv
  10. Monturaqui
  11. Morasko
  12. Morokeweng
  13. Odessa
  14. Santa Fe
  15. Sikhote-Alin
  16. Veevers
  17. Wabar
  18. Whitecourt
  19. Wolf Creek

List is courtesy of Rob Keeton.

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