Fake Pallasites

These examples go beyond your standard meteorwrongs because they were created for fraudulent reasons. In fact some of these fakes, like Shirokovsky, can even sell as known fakes for more than some real pallasites!

Here is one of the most recent fakes that was submitted to Dr. Carl Agee for classification in summer of 2020.

Fake Pallasite submitted to University of New Mexico. Image Credit: Dr. Carl Agee, 2020








Shirokovsky is categorized in the MetBull as a “pseudometeorite“. The write-up is somewhat ambiguous, and should not be. This meteorwrong was man-made with the intent to defraud collectors and institutions. It was sold originally as a fall from Feb. 1, 1956 and many well respected dealers were taken in. What is impressive is that the fraud persisted for a long time before it was properly identified. Now, these are collected as one of the best examples of a fake meteorite.

The “infamous” fake pallasite, Shirokovsky. Image Credit: Mendy Ouzillou
The “infamous” fake pallasite, Shirokovsky (Backlit). Image Credit: Mendy Ouzillou

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