On the Subject of Meteorites

Books for Beginners:

(requires very little knowledge of the subject, other than a keen interest to learn)

Rocks from Space – Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters (second edition)
By O. Richard Norton, published 467 pages, published 1998
Truly the first book on meteorites anyone should read. Many excellent photographs – most in black and white. Covers all the basics and delves into some more advanced concepts.



Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites
By O. Richard Norton and Lawrence A. Chitwood, 287 pages, published 2008
The perfect follow-on book to Rocks from Space. Many excellent color photographs, a glossary and an index filled with useful knowledge.

Books for More Advanced Understanding:

(requires a solid foundation in meteorite basics and helps greatly if reader has a collection of meteorites that encompasses all basic types)

Meteorites and their Parent Planets (second edition)
By Harry Y. McSween, 324 pages, published Feb. 1999
This book is my go-to reference. Delves deeper in the science of meteorites.

Books for Amateur Experts to Advanced Geologists:

(Requires excellent foundation in chemistry, physics and planetary geology)

Other Resources:

Over 700 books and articles available online from 1843 to today on many aspects of meteorites. Worth browsing and reading some of the earlier listings in the library.


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