Rounded volcanic structure produced by eruption or intrusion of viscous high-silica magma. Domes are common on Earth, but rare on the Moon. Lunar domes are mostly fairly small, few more than a few hundred meters high or more than 10-15 km across. They are also somewhat irregular in outline and few show any large central pit or vent structures, but many do have very small central pits or craters. Most lunar domes appear to be basaltic and not formed like Earth domes from silicic lavas. Instead, lunar domes may mark places where the erupted basalts were just barely molten and consequently had high viscosity.

lunar domes
Domes (Omega, Sigma, Tau, Phi) on the Moon. Image Source:
Pancake Domes
Dome structures, “pancake” domes, on Venus are up to 25 km wide and up to 750 m high. Image Source:










Some or all content above used with permission from J. H. Wittke.

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