Meteorite Studies: Introduction

METEORITES: A Systematic Classification Through Photographs
By David Weir (Updated regularly since May 1997)
“Where Splitters and Lumpers find common ground”

A Word of Gratitude from Mendy Ouzillou

I have had the pleasure of interacting with David for many years and always appreciated his keen insights and broad knowledge regarding meteoritics. I referred to his website often to read his latest thoughts and ideas. As I started to develop my website, I wanted to work with David to better categorize and organize his entries so that it could be accessed and enjoyed by a broader audience. After discussions with David, he very graciously agreed for me to repost his content on the SkyFall Meteorites website. All content on is reposted on with permission from David Weir under an evergreen, exclusive worldwide license.

In David’s Words

My thanks to the many dedicated investigators whose ongoing research provides the basis for this content. Some of the sources utilized for this website are not peer-reviewed. This is an educational site intended for your personal or classroom use in pursuing meteorite studies.

Thanks to Joe Weir who introduced his six-year-old brother to meteoritics when he revealed the ‘impact pit’ in the backyard, complete with a melted, bubbly ‘meteorite’ (slag) at the bottom.


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