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Most collectables can be enjoyed for their own sake. However, learning about them is what for many of us ignites our imagination and that is especially true for meteorites and other meteorite-related materials. With a better understanding of the underlying science (geology, astronomy, astrobiology, astrophysics just to name a few disciplines), art, history, philosophy and even theology, we can now appreciate their wondrous cosmic insights, place in our collections, and importance throughout human history. ... Expand

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Difference Between Holes, Cavities, and Vesicles in Meteorites

When people think they have found a meteoriteWork in progress. A solid natural object reaching [...]

How to Start a Meteorite Collection

Michael Kelly: My recommendation is you start up a catalog now keep track of important [...]

Classification Punctuation for Chondrites

The Meteoritical Bulletin is filled with incredible meteorite-related information. However, even the most experienced collector [...]

Fake Pallasites

These examples go beyond your standard meteorwrongs because they were created for fraudulent reasons. In [...]