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Support of Meteoritic Research

I am committed to supporting and furthering the science of meteoritics.

I work to find specimens needed for research. In the event a museum or type specimen repository is cannot provide a specimen/sample (especially for destructive analysis) from their collection, I will work to find the required material.

As part of requests to locate specific meteorites or my forwarding special specimens to the appropriate researchers, I was able to contribute to meteoritic science in the following papers (most are not attributed, but still very cool):


I have classified, been part of the classification process or been included as one of the mass holders of the following meteorites:

1NWA 7874Find2013MoroccoEucrite873 g
2NWA 7875Find2013MoroccoH7476 g
3NWA 7988Find2013Northwest AfricaLL6116 g
4NWA 7989Find2013Northwest AfricaEucrite-pmict510 g
5NWA 8183Find2013Northwest AfricaLL(L)3.2307 g
6NWA 8276Find2013Northwest AfricaL3.00789 g
7Jbilet WinselwanFind2013Western SaharaCM26 kg
8NWA 10016Find2014Northwest AfricaMartian (shergottite)11 g
9NWA 10644Find2016Northwest AfricaLunar (feldsp. breccia)166 g
10NWA 10921Find2016Northwest AfricaDiogenite137 g
11NWA 11013Find2016Northwest AfricaMartian (nakhlite)20.8 g
12JeminayFind2017Xinjiang, ChinaIron, ungrouped6.43 kg
13NWA 11896Find2017Northwest AfricaMartian (polymict breccia)14 g
14NWA 11474Find2017Northwest AfricaLunar (feldsp. breccia)586 g
15NWA 11637Find2017MoroccoIron, IIAB4.37 kg
16NWA 12000Find2017MoroccoIron, IIAB225 g
17NWA 12002Find2017MoroccoMartian (shergottite)5 g
18Serra PeladaFall2017Para, BrazilEucrite12 kg
19Lahmada 020Find2018Western SaharaLunar (feldsp. breccia)12.17 kg
20NWA 12001Find2018MoroccoH55.23 kg
21NWA 12003Find2018MoroccoCK647 g
22NWA 12535Find2018Northwest AfricaCV3467 g
23NWA 12416Find2018Northwest AfricaC3-ung875 g

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