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Welcome to SkyFall Meteorites – Your trusted source for authentic meteorites, tektites & ephemera

“I am a collector in dealer’s clothes.”1

I have always been a collector. As a child, I collected rocks, fossils and comic books. In October 2011, I became hopelessly hooked on meteorites when I discovered space rocks were something one could own, buy and sell. I could now connect my interests in art, science, history, philosophy and even a bit of theology. Since buying my first Sikhote Alin, meteorites and tektites have been a constant passion in my life.

Trust, integrity and respect are the cornerstones of my reputation in both my personal and professional life. That is why I forever guarantee  the authenticity of my specimens and will help you in any way I can. For me, it is never just about the sale. I believe in creating trusted long-term relationships and sharing my love and knowledge of meteorites.

Enjoy browsing our site and do not hesitate to email us should you have any questions.

Mendy Ouzillou – SkyFall Meteorite’s CMO (Chief Meteorite Officer)