Community Outreach

Crystal Ouzillou with astronomy students at local high school. Mars in one hand and the Moon in the other. Image Credit: Mendy Ouzillou, 2018

We serve the central Texas area and are strong proponents of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). We really enjoy seeing students of all ages get energized when they learn about meteorites and the field of meteorite science. All presentations are tailored for the age and technical level of the audience to ensure everyone enjoys the experience. Most presentations (limited to class size of 35 people) end with each person getting to hold a piece of the Moon in one hand and a piece of Mars in the other.

  • Grade Schools: Individual classes for all grades or school wide events
  • Colleges or Universities: Undergraduate geology classes
  • Adult education classes or lectures with guest speakers

We require 4 weeks advance notice and there is no cost associated with the outreach event. With many schools transitioning to online learning, we are also able to accomodate remote presentations. Contact us to set up a presentation for your school or function.