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Zag (B)

AchondriteAn achondrite is a type of stony meteorite whose precursor was of chondritic origin and [...]

NWA 4042

Achondrite, ungrouped (brachinite-like) Purchased 2003 no coordinates recorded A single meteoriteWork in progress. A solid [...]

NWA 1500

Achondrite, ungrouped (Brachinite-like) (Ureilite [olivine-augite type] in MetBull 87) Purchased 2000 no coordinates recorded A [...]

NWA 595

Primitive AchondriteAchondrite with an almost chondritic composition with age similar to the primordial chondrites. These [...]


Achondrite, ungrouped (brachinite-like) Found September 1981 45° 42′ N., 43° 42′ E. After cutting a [...]