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robably a nuggetshooter or relic hunter.

Stone Meteorites may not look like anything special. But they will make your detector sound off and many a hunter has been fooled into thinking it was nothing more than a hot rock. Gold detectors are particularly useful in finding meteorites. Their extreme sensitivity that makes them good for gold nugget hunting, also makes it very sensitive to the iron content in meteorites. Simply don’t use discrimination. Stone meteorites contain a high percentage of nickel iron, higher than any other Earth rock. This sets off the detector and will sound similar to a hot rock. (Note: Iron meteorites are a bit more obvious and can easily be identified as an uncommon rock in the field)

It’s important to be able to identify a meteorite while in the field. There are a number of field ID methods and certain characteristics of meteorites you should be on the lookout for.

Magnetic: Because most meteorites have iron in them, this makes them magnetic. (keep in mind there are MANY earth rocks that are magne