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Buying Specimens & Collections

I’ll buy your entire collection or a part of your collection or even an individual specimen.

Some meteorites are unmistakable and need little documentation proving they are what they are supposed to be. However, the vast majority require proper documentation such as receipts, specimen cards and any other supporting evidence to establish the provenance and chain of custody.

As a wholesale buyer, I pay wholesale prices. Anyone having looked on eBay or the internet to establish values and expecting similar selling price should sell their material individually on eBay or other selling platforms.

I typically pay between 20% to 33% of average retail price. I am a professional appraiser and can normally quickly establish average retail price, then based on desirability will make an offer.

Selling a collection in one lot has the benefit of getting cash in hand quickly. If you have the time to sell over a period of months or years, then you will maximize your profits compared to selling to a dealer in one lot or a large lot of specimens.

The first step is to send me a list of the entire collection you are wanting to sell. You must list the following: Name, weight, Description (identify if it is a slice, fragment, complete individual, and how much crust is on the specimen), condition.

Pictures are not necessary as the first step.

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