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From the Asteroid Belt to You: Buy Authentic Meteorites & Learn About Space Rocks

Sutter’s Mill (#SM42) 4/28/2012

SkyFall Meteorites is your trusted resource to buy meteorites, tektites, impactites, and other meteorite-related items. As a first-time meteorite buyer or an expert tektite collector, authenticity and transparency are key … not only at the time of your purchase, but for the next owner as well. We therefore guarantee the authenticity of our specimens forever, so you can buy meteorites or other meteorite-related items with confidence. Looking for rare or unusual specimens? Please contact us, we likely know where to find it for you. So, welcome to SkyFall Meteorites where you can learn about these fascinating space rocks, and buy meteorites for your own budding collection or advanced research needs.

A Personal Message: I’ve been a collector since childhood. So, after watching my first episode of “Meteorite Men” in Oct. 2011, I was instantly intrigued when I learned anyone could trade, sell and buy meteorites. Soon after, I bought my first two meteorites and became hooked. I quickly realized my space rock obsession needed to be self-funded and began selling meteorites in Nov. 2013. By Sept. 2015, I decided to work for myself and became a full-time dealer. You can read about my personal meteorite journey in this history and interview.

I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of meteorites with my clients and the community at large. I presently serve our community as the President and founder of the Global Meteorite Association and as the MetSoc Membership Committee Chair (changing in early 2021 to new responsibilities). Whether you want to buy one meteorite as a gift, get the latest asteroid definition, acquire a specific research specimen, or expand your meteorite collection, I will strive to help you every step of the way.

Mendy Ouzillou – SkyFall Meteorite’s CMO (Chief Meteorite Officer)


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